About La Fabrique Art Studio

A selection of moments captured at our space

“Fabrique, a building in a picturesque garden, such as an eye-catcher drawing the eye to a desired point.”

Allow us than to walk you through the heart of Tunis’ downtown, to our La Fabrique. An exquisite space where you can enjoy an artistic scenery. We hope you enjoy the music and the joyous chatter in the background!

Here in our community-driven space, we advocate for culture, creativity, and diversity, and we stand with inclusivity and freedom as a way of leading innovation.

We love taking photos!

We rely on art and creative entrepreneurship to lead transformational change in the Tunisian art scene. Despite the post-revolutionary artistic expansion, artists still face the kafkaesque dilemma surrounding the centralization, and uncertainty of art. Numerous artists still don’t have a specific status which leaves them in a legal void and socio-economic insecurity. The more artists adopt a nonconformist mindset and produce out of the mainstream, the more uncertainty there is, which makes their situation even more fragile. A great example here is the electro scene in Tunisia, which is being confronted with cultural and social challenges and controversies rendering its business model unsustainable as it doesn’t generate enough revenue.

We are committed to drawing the required attention to the mentioned points. We act as a constitutive structure to build prosperous communities and economies through art and culture. Our activity is focused on the incubation of the new generation of creative entrepreneurs and artists while shedding a light on gender diversity as well as the active participation of cultural minorities. Our team sets masterclasses and training at a national and international level and secures artists’ visibility, promotion, featuring, and booking; paving our way to sustainable digital music industry.

We aim to reach out to hearts with art. Our hope is to provide musical healing practices and inclusion for youth with no exceptions, promote female artists in electronic and digital music, and give access to art and culture for ALL. Through our platform, we seek to fill the gap between the South, the North, the foreign, and the national communities, as well as rethink and reshape the culture policies to establish a mutual future where the cultural sector is democratized, decentralized, and self-sustained.

These are the pillars of our vision.

Thank you for stopping by, it was a blast!

Welcome indeed!

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